*Your Countenance* 
Inderjith Singh
I still remember Yourcountenance , My heart stuck As my eyes witnessed. The aura of your appearance Lifteded me to sky nine In heart of my heart I considered you mine. The beauty of your sunny look Transported me to blissful realms I lost my wits My eyes dazzling in the beautious gleams. My heart throbbed violently My palpitations tickled vigorously I flung my love lorn glances And your cheeks blushed silently. Your countenance, a source of bliss, Is a 'thing of beauty' for me That is a 'joy for ever' I enjoy everytime I remember thee. The seeds of your craving sown I certainly would reap as I did sow My sleeps are full of your dreams My soul whines and seeks for you. You know or not, I don't know, But your countenance lurks in my heart Making me anxious to mingle with you When shall that time come and how? Inderjith Singh is a poet from Haryana


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