There are Days
Lathaprem Sakhya
There are days When I feel my world is going to collapse around me. I walk listlessly picking up a book here, half read, A dress there, waiting for me to sew it, I take a peek through  my  window, The weather is dismal, constant drizzling has made earth soggy Yes, I feel like weeding my garden to chase away my blues, But the rain traps me within the four walls. I  go back to my kitchen, but no recipe exciting challenges me. I walk aimlessly through the house, eyes vacant. What next, the blues like full blown balloons ready to burst, Yet tenacious their hold on me, mockingly grin. But that day my eyes turning inside found my succour Yes,  a picture that had been haunting me Kept aside by demands of immediacy, beckoned me I hunted it out and painted it. My riotous listless self meekly dashed out Strong I stood ready to face the battles ahead With God on my side what should I fear?


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