THE Third Eye
Stefan Bohdan 

The colorful swirl
of her ancient soul
my mind’s eye

her naked eyes
the eyes of a goddess
the goddess of love

my beautiful songbird
has songs and poems
painted on her lips
as sweet as and as juicy as
honeydew melon

her songs and poems
the pounding of my heart
the rushing of my blood

her shadow a visual echo
an erotic dance
into and out of

arousing me

the geometry of her body
lights my fire
curves my desire

my third eye
a yellow butterfly
feeling her
without touching her

kick off your sandals
throw your sari to the wind
break the chain around your neck
slide the ring from your finger
become free before me

my wild peacock 
born inside 
a void of vultures
our sacred dream
no longer
a fading mirage

hymn of creation

black hair
red bindi
sad eyes
white smile
brown skin so warm

bracelets and anklets
of holy geometrical design
jingle and jangle

intricately applied mehndi
henna on her hands and feet 
not our marriage
the unfairness of love

we lie in a field of red roses
connecting thru intercourse
our shapes of love
our shadows
reshaping eternal

Kama Sutra
until my songbird flies away
I beat my back bloody
for you
I jump over holy fires
for you
until you return
to me

our secret is safe

Stefan Bohdan lives in Orlando, Florida USA. .  He is an  internationally published author. He is also the founder of Third Eye Butterfly Press)



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