DR.Molly Joseph 

..... hunger,       the pulling force  through       aeons and ages.. the primitive          zest to exist, survive             the tumults of time.. here I            stand at midpoint of the present           equidistant from the            fading past and       vague, flickering future..       minute by minute crumbles... the mundane               repeats of hunger,                satiation struggle.. God!     what all faces!  the young          Migori tribal teenage mother with a             baby in womb, two other kids         clinging to her.. hungry            birdmouths clamouring            for food... the pallid              faces of the fleeing                  exiles barefoot,               braving heat and                    cold in search            of a safe world      shimmering on shores           so vague... all to appease                 hunger.. for basic              sustenance... while the           problem of plenty              heaps up as waste         on the other side

@ myna

( Dr. Molly Joseph is a Professor, Poet from Kerala, who  writes Travelogues, Short stories and Story books for children. She has published twelve books,10 Books of poems, a novel and a Story book for Children. She has won several accolades which include India Women Achiever’s Award  2020. She believes in the power of the word and writes boldly on matters that deal with the contemporary. She can be reached at  E mail- mynamolly  You tube-


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