Kallol Choudhury

You don’t have aversion to plunder

You don’t have choice in destruction

Let that be the ancient glory of ten thousand years

Or animals of the zoo,

Tiger or the king of the jungle, lion.

This way you’ve the glory of destruction as an instinct

The world is under your command

You’ll cause it to dance like a puppet

You’ll give war cry at your whims

You teach what is called civilization

You also destroy the yardstick of civilization

Your eyes are on something born of the womb of the earth 

It’ll be jewel

Where your eyes will strike

You, mad with vanity, search for jewels

Roaming all places

In this world of selling and buying

All other things are trivial to you.

(Kallol Choudhary is a bilingual poet , short-story writer , translator,researcher and social activist writing both in Bengali and English.Translated Jayanta Mahapatra's Sahitya Akademi Award winning poetry book " Relationship"into Bengali which was published by Central Sahitya Akademi .He has authored six books.Three volumes of Oxford University Press publication included his folktales, short story and translation of poetry .)



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