The swallows are chirping
And crows fly up.
Look at the jogging train.
They are not always, after grain.

Some are busy building nests,
Others, in bringing them down
Measured is the movement of men,
No ants  idle on wavy ground?

Leaves leave the show
So that more like them can grow
Single  is the direction in which 
Is  headed the grand crew.

Some by fighting, some by writing,
Some by cursing
And some by suffering 
Complete the cycle of being.

No one can exactly make
A mountain, 
As per his wishes fall,
So does life happen to all.

Some gain balance by being good,
Some lose it by being evil,
It is a dance among fire rods
We dance to the tunes of gods.
( Professor Dr. Jernail Singh Anand, is the Author of 75 books of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, spirituality and philosophy. His reputation rests mainly on 21st Century Critucal Thought, and his epics 'Mahabharat: The War of Words', 'Geet: The Unsung Song of Eternity' [a sequel to Milton's 'Paradise Lost'], 'The Satanic Empire' [a sequel to Dante's 'The Divine Comedy'] and 'The Ganturbury Tales' [a sequel to Chaucer's 'The Canterbury Tales']. His other major works include 'Beyond Life Beyond Death and 'Bliss: The Ultimate Magic' 'The Festival of Fire' etc. Dr. Anand's novel 'The Broken Narrative' is also being translated into Persian. He was awarded Cross of Peace and Cross of Literature. He ha



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