Keerthana Vasudevan

The clock struck twelve admist the silence eerie
That marked midnight in the streets and the deserted ally,
Just then a car whooshed past the narrow way
And someone threw out a bundle maybe a dog stray.
But wait do dogs have hands and feet in pairs
And do they have dishevelled hair,
Do they have clothes but bare
And faces with signs of wear.

The bundle moved and moaned and reached out
Not just for something for that hand to hold but for a heart to hear her without doubt.
'Why can they never be seized' she moaned in deep
'Why do monsters still lurk in sight and make us weep'.

The Mother beneath weeped for her and all those hidden faces
Caressing Her many wounds often hidden in deceiving places,
'Not today... ' She whispered
As an autumn leaf stroked the girl's hands so blistered.

Her forests burnt and Her waters with wastes strewn
Her soils torn and Her babes could do nothing but pathetically croon,
The Mother watched for long, hoping that they would change
But alas all in vain.
They killed and butchered
And raped and tortured
The beautiful land that was once called Earth.

She sent out warning signs ahead
To save them from Her wrath now held back but by a thread.
But no, just as the great Neelkanth too once had to invoke
Demons fierce and terrible that did soak the world in smoke,

The Mother called upon her dear aid
And hissed, 'Make sure their debts are paid'.
He descended upon the land in a killing spree
Wrecking havoc in glee.

A cough here and a sneeze there
A little fever and throat pain too to bear
And before they knew it thousands were left in death and despair.
The night gave way to streams of light
As the Sun peeped out after a long fight.
As the world was yawning in bed amid days of strife
A mortal mother went happily back to sleep.
'Justice served', the world said aloud
'Not yet my dears!' cried a Voice out loud.

(Keerthana Vasudevan is an engineering graduate pursuing higher studies)


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