The torn and tattered universe
 Aminur Rahman
Tr. by Nandita Bhattacharya
Tearing apart my world,
You go out every day 
With utter indifference and aloofness.
Through every nanosecond of every night,
In every manifestation and each positive emotion,
You sit wrapped in a blue shawl of pain,
A few droplets of love rolling down
From the body of consciousness.
My grey engrossed being
Idles from this horizon to that like a Paniudi bird,
Mingling with the ultimate silence.
I have lost the feathers of the blue-necked bird
In the abysmal depths of slumber,
Yet I still recognise your eyes,
Even though I cannot decode your soul’s language.
I am wearied by the ceaseless burning pain of sorrow,
My heart hazy with the smoke of darkness.
Still tearing apart my personal world,
You go out every day
With utter indifference and aloofness.
(AMINUR RAHMAN  is considered to be one of the most well-known poets in abroad from Bangladesh. He has published six collections of poems in Bangla. His work has been translated in to more than twenty-five languages and has poetry books in English (4), Spanish (3), German, Japanese, Mongolian (chapbook), Arabic, Chinese, Bahasa Malay and Russian. He is a renowned writer and art critic and has three prose books in his credit. )


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