The Tree
Bhisma Upreti
People see me standing alone
Wind, sunshine
landslides, floods
and like people's poisonous black selfishness
In the midst of many adversities
it is very difficult to stand alone
power alone
lonely aspiration
and, effort alone
where can strongly stand?
I know
I have many roots
Roots from under the ground
how they have supported me on the ground!
People see me standing alone
But where am I alone?
My strength and power
are my roots.
(Bhisma Upreti is a Nepali poet, essayist and novelist of high repute. His 19 books  have been published. Besides Nepali, many of his works have been published in English, Hindi, Korean, Serbian, Slovenian, Japanese, Sinhala, Cambodian, Russian, Tamil, Kannada and Bengali languages in books, various anthologies, international literary journals and magazines. He has represented Nepal in many international literary conclaves in Aisa and Europe. A Gold medalist of National Poetry Festival organized by Nepal Academy, Mr. Upreti is also recipient of prestigious awards like SAARC Literature Award, Gopal Prasad Rimal Rastriya Kavya Puraskar, Uttam Shanti Puraskar, Yuva Varsha Moti Puraskar and others )


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