Dr.Paramita Mukherjee Mullick
Let us all put broken pieces together.
Broken hearts,broken dreams and broken thoughts.
Fix them up with golden paint of love.
Fix them up with memory's treasure trove.
Cherished relationships which have fallen apart.
Childhood memories which have faded away.
Fill the gap up with affection.
Let golden emotions fill up life's reflections.
Dreams which have not been fulfilled.
Love which has not been reciprocated.
Let our hearts fulfill such dreams.
Kintsugi all broken hearts with love the brim.
*Kintsugi- The Japanese method of putting together broken pieces with golden paint.
Dr.Paramita Mukherjee Mullick is a scientist and poet who has published five books. She is the Founder President of the Intercultural Poetry and Performance Library(IPPL) Mumbai Chapter. She has received numerous awards for her poems like Sahitya Shree,Sahitya Samman,Sahitya Bhushan,Poetess of Elegance 2019, etc.


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