Kalpna Singh-Chitnis
When she spoke,
she was asked to live the myth of her silences.
What is so intriguing about a woman being silent?
A flower fell from a tree
hit by a thunderstorm
now dragged in the mud.
Raindrops on the branches of a tree,
like the teardrops of your sufferings unknown,
my garden surviving a thunderstorm...
And the cloud said to the earth -
Look at you,
the raindrops on your face are mine.
Spring came, a flower bloomed all summer,
now the fall is here, and the flower is gone.
The fragrance is still around.
I kept the roses you sent
and threw away the thorns.
And that was the end of my love story.

(Kalpna Singh-Chitnis is an Indian-American poet, 
writer, filmmaker and Editor-in-Chief 
of Life and Legends.)



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