The day of the grassroot leaders

Congress without a leader is now the best bet

One of the finest fallouts of the resignation of Rahul Gandhi has been the rejuvenation of the party at the grass roots. since nobody could invoke the name of high command every body is on his own and fighting their lone battle without the leader and the dynasty

It is a far greater achievement when the party is being decimated. In Karnataka tasting defeat of congress, the rats have jumped board and trying to gain money power and minister ship. but not even a benevolent party is going to reward them with all when their use is over and if they are saddled with money it would be their achievement. if not they are double the party is finding the real loyalists and the men committed to the congress ideology sans the dynasty. if several of its MLAs could resist an offer of twenty crores as revealed in the assembly it is a big gain for a leaderless party

The resignation of Rahul Gandhi made the party an orphan but it created a smart and belligerent leadership locally in Karnataka instead of going to the center men like Siddharamaih tries to take maximum mileage out of a desperate situation .In Bengaluru now it is super comedy nights which all enjoy .That speaker Ramesh Kumar or siddharamaih or Sivakumar could take direction to fight BJP is a bigger achievement for the party

 The same thing is played out in  UP where Priyanka without the dynastic prefix fights against the landsharks who killed ten Adivasis in Sona Bhadra .She reminds one of Indira Gandhi’s famous journey to  the Dalit village on elephant

In Kerala the party is a very active mode using the university college atrocities even KSU got a rush of new blood as SFI was forced to defend itself

In Lok Sabha the party fumbles and votes for NIA act as their leader is clueless on what position to take .In the fiftieth year of bank nationalization the party fails to make capital out of it .Perhaps when banks itself in peril it is a nullifying exercise

If this trend continues grass root leaders could emerge who would protest, who would make sacrifices and keep the party flag flutter

Meanwhile there are rumors that the old guard is picking up face book applications to bring back old lions who lost teeth and bite to lead the party

The party needs young blood who could inspire and talk in the language of the people who could dare the authority ,instill fear in the government and have congress ethos in mind.

Who would not be tempted by the leaves of the jack fruit leaves like a sheep as PInarayi Vijayan CM of Kerala derides the party.

Perhaps Priyanka without Gandhi surname fits the bill.



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