Our Eventual Separation

Kalyani Bindu 

As the dewy-eyed dogs and lovers
dystonic with opium-stained love
follow you, the stoic messiah —
their fulcrum in a fable, ligament of thoughts,
waiting for the ethereal fabric of your touch
(a morose lurch in the making),
and catch a wind in your face —
your crematorium of absences,
I (the absent bitch) smell
in my sleep (like an easy thought)
the unassuming fabric
of our eventual separation.

(Kalyani Bindu is a research assistant at the Indian Institute of Science. Her first poetry collection was 'Two moviegoers and 32 others'. She wrote articles revolving around socio-cultural themes during her stint as a columnist ('The Occasional Owl') in White Crow Art Daily. Her poems have appeared in several journals such as Madras Courier, Navalokam, Muse India, Indian Review, Bhashaposhini, Ethos Literary Journal, White Crow Art Daily and Modern Literature. )


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