Sweet Porn Soup 

There was this pink cheeked girl

Who served me Sweet Corn Soup

From a ‘chinese’ van at s.sarai

Near the j.p. forest in dehli

Every night.

One day/night, she called me in the van

And taught me how to cook the soup.

The van smelt of chicken stock, spring onions,

Fermented sauces, chillies, vinegar,

Corn kernels, butter, garlic cloves,

Carrots, beans, white pepper and corn flour.

Her nipples were little onions sautéed in butter.

Belly smeared with corn flour slurry.

Kernels popping in her sweet cunt.

She served herself hot to me and I

Plastered her with red and green sauce

Splashing vinegar behind her ears.

Throughout the night, we made

Love and dim sums

Love and chowmein

Love and spring rolls.

As it happens in art house movies,

The van was missing the next day

And the next and the next.

As it happens in badly written scripts,

The van was found on the banks of J’muna

Near antim nivas in k.kunj.

On her bloated body, the witty rapists

Had painted this with red sauce

‘Sweet Porn Soup.’


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