Fertile Red Malabari Earth
Seema Jayaraman

The red of the Malabari soil
From the red of the rising sun
And the slowly staining red of 
The abundant hibiscus and the Cana

The scarlet invisibly released
From abundant shiny Circassian seeds
The red in the towering temple flags
The red from the billowing 'Theyyam' skirts

Left as an indelible stain 
On many a starched white soft linen
Of quickly flung wrap arounds
And the unpealing of pleated skirts

Cast down as a temporary mat
Cushioning  the southern tanned skin
Brought to a glistening countenance 
Lathered with years of virgin palm oil

From vagaries of crumbling prohibitions
Loosened in the torpedic roll
Of two tumultuous entwined souls
The red of this oxidized earth

Insisting on leaving it's stamp
Proclaiming the forbidden passions
In its silent tell tale dusty signatures
Left as fine red dusty whispers

Here saga's of night vigils etched
On pock marked red granite slabs
Where many a feet circumbulated
And some rolled around in dim lights

beneath starry schorl nights
locked in passionate embraces
Collecting the forever red tatoo's
Under peaked slopping roofs 

Layered with  kiln baked red tiles
And the intermittent glass slab
Letting in the silver moonlight
And the star light on moonless nights

On fanned hair glistening jet
and creamy stretched limbs
All coated with the enamored red
Of this blessed fertile earth

Here some dreams were hastily etched 
Kicking up a spicy storm 
Of crushed pepper kernels 
And heady intoxicating Jasmine

Romantic saga's on parchments
Of fertile flaming ponderous thoughts
While others trashed it out alive
Kicking up a spicy storm

That no amount of washing 
Could restore the pristine white
Now stained a persistent red 
Vehemently fertile red Malabari Earth

Black Pepper - Malabari Girl

In the tightly twisted green spherules
Held dearly to the convoluted sprigs
A tight anklet of rythimic bells
Veiled glimpses of hanging chandleir 's
Beneath cornucopia of doe eyed leaves

Drenched dew dyed green 
Weaned by indigo balmy nights
A smattering of shy freckles
Like twinkling stars of Orionic belt
The potential to crawl on the tongue

Sizzling rakes of red hot iron
Like a conched nest of black ants
Sharpnels of granite piercing tender soles
When wrenched from its dreamy revierie
A kiss stolen beneath dense climbing vines

Unfurling of the pleated Malabari skirt
Magic of Malabari fertile red earth
Late night whispers of crashing surf
Speckled marks of bruising grips
On Tender coconut creamed skin

Laced in sandal and spices breeze
Gingerly rippened brown and black
A long drawn affair with southern sun
These secretly ripened malachite spheres
Scatter like ripped beads of desire

Wrinkled dry with vagaries of life
A dynamite of acerbic intoxication
Concentrated pungent essence 
Freed from its clustered cornucopia 
Releases tear wrenching aroma
And with it - dreams of a passionate 
Black pepper spiced Malabari Girl

This is where I would want to be 
Scattered as dust and ashes
Amidst the dewy pubscent soil
Enveloped in the gold trimmed florescence
As the heady essence 
Of the lofty palm fronds 
scraping the azure skies
Abuzz with dizzy bees 
drunk on the heady ambrosia
Of the milky sap spilling 
from freshly gouged wounds
As light as bellowing smoke 
From my pyre on this haem hued earth
Smote with needless blood,
Rust from neglect of ages
To have my bones
Purified by holy fire and 
Offered to the restless sea
As a pean for maintaining 
troubled peace
Raging at the foot hills 
of this fertile land 
To be absorbed into 
the skeletons Of marine beings 
To be born of this blessed land
Whence many a great set on their life's  journeys 
expounding exuberance as newly scripted treaties
Sri Adiankaracarya, Madhava & Poonthanam Nambudiri and so many more
Carved from the reluctant oceans
I am intoxicated with the 
heady scent of Jasmines
All I want is to be that mineral
That paints this land the color of blood
To be so dissolved that I live
In every particle, breath and sigh 
emanating from this beloved land - Malabar!

Muted light of stars from Orion 
Light softly the inky downhill path
Of my ponderously spiralling thoughts
Lifting my soul to the topmost octave
Letting in the sublime divinity of nature
On this dark moonless tourmaline night
To soak my being sumptuously to the brim
The acknowledgement of oneness with creator


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