Gauri Lankesh 

by Aleyamma Korah tr by Sheela Jim

(In memory of Gauri Lankesh,writer and editor,killed by fanatics in 2017)

Wake up Gauri

Wake up from the eternal slumber 
Breaking off the chains of death 

Suryaputri,charioteer of justice
Roll on your chariot fearlessly .

Let your love fall like the waters of Ganga
Let your word be the thunder
Reverberating through the land
An arrow piercing the conscience of murderers 

As you stand tall against the murderers
They are shuddering in fright 
No Bullets can pierce your heart
Strong and brave,immortal

Never never shall you die
You will be revived ,reborn ,

You are my pilgrimage.
Your verses my passage to life

As the mad crowd dance in communal frenzy
I sing of you fighting from the buddha giri hills 
A lone fight could never be fight to finish 
As a radical revolutionary would tell .

Gauri ,who are you
The Rani of jhansi?
Or  Joanne of france?
Gauri, You should have been here
When the racists and fascists lust for blood
When they took the life of one  cow 
For skinning the hide of a cow
When the mindless murderers put to death 
Infants  in the hospital bed 
Denying them oxygen
Gauri look down and break the skies
To search for Najeeb
Ask Rohit Vemula why he died
Refusing to continue the fight   

Gauri ,wake up transform into fire
That dances in the stream of fury
Let your words talk of Rohingya mothers
Who are crying for their  infants lost   in the Naft river
When crossing the fathomless sea seeking refuge

Gauri ,wake up from your slumber
Thousands are here to chant 
The refrain of your war song
My sister ,you are immortal 
Let the light shine
let your words speak 
Everlasting thoughts
flying so high like the birds of light .


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